SuperRare Weekly Update: June 4th, 2021

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🔥 DigitWork I Exhibition: NFTs — Is it Art?

Take some time this weekend to check out exhibition DigitWork I curated by Digitwork, which features 8 artists “who have a vision of life and who try to find a representation of it in the form of digital works.” You can view the exhibition and read more about it here!

🌟 ARTnews Feature

Shout out to ARTnews for including SuperRare in this great write up on how generative adversarial networks (GANs) have been supported by the blockchain! GANs are “algorithms that pit computers against each other to produce original machine-made output approximating the human-made training data,” and have been used by SR artists since the first work ever minted on SR — Robbie Barrat’s AI Generated Nude Portrait #1. Read more about the topic here!

💥 The Data behind CryptoArt

Open datasets have been crucial to the way that NFTs have functioned in the art world. Check out our CEO John Crain’s insights into how data impacts the the world of NFTs and CryptoArt markets in his great blog post on Product Hunt here!

For the first time ever, we can identify a specific piece of digital art. This is simple yet profound. We now have scarcity for digital objects. That allows SuperRare, a digital art marketplace, to use NFTs as the certificate of authenticity for digital artworks.

📧 Announcement: Weekly Updates Moving to Weekly Newsletter!

We are moving these Weekly Update blog posts to our Weekly Newsletter. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter over at our website footer here to get all the news from the week directly to your inbox!

💎 We’re Hiring!

SuperRare is expanding its team and we want you to apply! Check out our available positions here!

🔥 From the Editorial

Editorial is open for submissions: “Weekly Top 10 Picks” can be contributed by anyone in the SR community. This week, the following articles were featured in the SuperRare Editorial:

Here Come The Photographers

Recently, SuperRare has seen a surge in fine art photographers minting work on the platform. With this in mind, we sat down with four the most outstanding to discuss their work, their process and their approach to their art and the tools they use.

Iness Rychlik

Iness Rychlik’s self-portraiture provokes something visceral in the viewer. Her work bites down and tugs at conflicting emotions. Sometimes alluring, sometimes unsettling, it doesn’t let go.

Cath Simard

Cath Simard’s work captures the universe’s vast, unsympathetic magnificence. It evokes those ephemeral moments when we’re overcome by the beauty in our own insignificance.

Flora Borsi

“My ideas are coming like a pre-made picture to my mind, so I usually consider myself as a messenger of some higher stuff. I know this sounds weird, but there were only a few times when I worked without any concepts”

Till Janz

…Till Janz says he’s an image maker, blending the practices of photography, art direction, and creative direction. He constructs narratives that are familiar enough for brands and their fans to relate to, but pushes into challenging conventions.

Also featured in SuperRare Editorial this week:

Mystical conceptualism. Unknown artist Eduard Zentsik. Golden dream. New unreality.

Sacred Bionic Choir By Alotta Money and Eclectic Method

The chant of solitude: Dangiuz meets Giovanni Motta

Artificial Organisms a new project by Maxim Zhestkov

730 Days after the first, MrY drops his 100th artwork on SuperRare

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